Playlife Aztec 80

55 900 Ft
34 900 Ft

2-3 nap

Boot: Hardboot; 165mm 2-point mounting moldable
Bélés: Standard liner with expandable toe area; not heat, cserélhető
Sín: Powerslide Gamma; ADC10 aluminum; 165mm 2-point mounting; 9.6" (243mm); 4x80m
Kerék: Playlife; 80 mm / 86A; HR = High Rebound, Cruising Comfort, cserélhető
Csapágy: Wicked; ABEC 5; carbon steel, cserélhető

A good-looking, fast, capable hardboot urban inline skate for an affordable price? It’s not too good to be true! It’s the Playlife Aztec, a fun, feature-packed, affordable inline skate. Designed to be a fun, fast, reliable skate that won’t break the bank, the PLAYLIFE Aztec is feature-packed and ready for action. The durable hardboot is accompanied by a supportive cuff, giving you the perfect platform for intense workouts. The skate combines traditional lacing and a 45-degree ratchet strap, keeping your foot snugly in place. The boot of the PLAYLIFE Aztec is designed around a reliable 2-point 165mm mounting system. Complete with a light 3D cast aluminum frame, fast and grippy 80mm wheels, and ABEC 5 bearings, this capable urban skate is a fantastic value, giving skaters all the tools they need to have a blast on inline skates for a price almost anyone can afford.


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