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Razors SL3

Razors SL3

Ár: 89900 Ft / pár

Szállítási idő: 7-10 nap


Bélés: Razors 3D
Sín: Ground Control Featherlite 3
Kerék: Ground Control 64mm/90A
Csapágy: Wicked Abec 9


The proven Razors SL skate boot is now available in a new color.  With a reshaped liner and upgraded 64mm wheel, the SL3 offers a comfortable, quick ride and is perfect for both street and skate park purposes.  To this day, the SL is the only boot on the market to offer a baseless design, delivering increased contact with grinds, lower center of gravity and a considerable drop in overall weight, while maintaining long lasting support. Each piece of the SL skate is full replaceable, from the cuff-to the buckle-to each piece of the soul frame, including Razors patented backslide plate. It also comes with a comfortable and streamlined, reformed Razors liner allowing more precise fit options with half sizes.

The lightweight, hard-shell boot comes complete with a classic Razors cuff&buckle, reformed Razors liner, GC 64mm wheels and a GC FLT3 frame.  The SL3 is a perfect ride, right out of the box, and proves durable and supportive, session after session.


- SL boot with black lowlights

- Replaceable soul frame with baseless design, included replaceable sliders

- SL Backslide Plate

- GC Featherlite 3 frame

- SL Gel heel pad for comfort and impact reduction

- Razors liner with 3D-formed tongue and articulated ankle support

- Velcro Tongue Stay

- GC 64mm/90A wheels and ABEC 9 Bearings


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