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SSM Gabriel Hyden

SSM Gabriel Hyden

Ár: 89900 Ft  42900 Ft / pár

Bélés: SSM
Sín: GC Featherlite 3
Kerék: SSM Team 56mm/88A
Csapágy: SSM Abec 7


Szállítási idő: 7-10 nap


Gabriel Hyden has been killing the streets all throughout Europe with unmatchable steeze for a long time, and he finally got his own pro skate from boot sponsor SSM!


SSM launched by highly influential skater Brian Shima, SSM has since 2011 developped a cult following through hard work and several broken bones. The highly dedicated team might be one of the best ever, as proven once again in SSM's 666 VOD series.