Wicked ABEC 5 Freespin

2 390 Ft /szett (8db)
szett (8db)

7-10 nap

ABEC 5 bearings specially designed to suit all your needs. Designed with high quality materials. One of the most common questions about bearings, is “What ABEC are those?” but a better question should be, what does ABEC mean? Basically ABEC is a rating system for the tolerances in a bearings. The higher the number, for example ABEC 5, the less the tolerance in the bearing. Having smaller tolerances means that your bearing will spin faster, for longer.
Bearings: 7 Balls, Chrome steel; 16-pack;
Bearings: Bearing cover made from Rubber 2RZ
Cage: Nylon bearing cage
Oil: Synthetic oil
Special feature: 608 bearings


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