Ennui Shock Sleeve Pro Kevlar Knee Gasket

39 900 Ft
34 900 Ft

5-7 nap

ENNUI Shock Sleeve Pro Knee Gasket - Flexible knee protection for inline skating and action sports. Low-profile, MYFIT Shock Protection, knitted cotton sleeve, Kevlar abrasion protection.

One of the most advanced and innovative slip-on knee protection on the market - it’s the Shock Sleeve Pro Knee Gasket from ENNUI. Lightweight and low-profile, you get maximum protection and comfort in a practical, easy to put on knee gasket that’s ideal for inline skating and other action sports. The super-flexible knee protector is engineered around a stretchable knitted cotton sleeve that’s nice and breathable. The knee sleeve includes stretch material that make the knee gasket comfortable to wear without restraining your movements. It also has anatomically shaped molded padding that includes an abrasion-resistant Kevlar fiber cover. The innovative ENNUI Shock Sleeve Pro Knee Gasket is complete with a soft "super foam" material called MYFIT Shock Protection Cushion (SPC) that hardens upon impacts providing unparalleled protection and shock absorption. This impressive knee gasket is so low-profile it can be worn under your clothes while still delivering uncompromised protection. For reliable, unobtrusive, high-quality protection for inline skating, skateboarding, scooter riding, and other action sports, look no further than the ENNUI Shock Sleeve Pro Knee Gasket.


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