Ennui Aly Knee Pad

19 900 Ft
12 900 Ft

5-7 nap

ENNUI Aly Knee Pad - One of the best all-around knee pad on the market for action sports. Removable inner padding, neoprene flaps, large flat plastic cap.

One of the best all-around knee pad on the market for inline skating, roller derby, and action sports, there’s a lot to love about the Aly Knee Pad from ENNUI. This superb knee pad incorporates a thick, removable, and flexible inner padding that not only improves comfort but also limits shocks from falls. To ensure the knee pad stays firmly in place, the protector has neoprene flaps and a reliable buckle strap. Designed and tested by top athletes including some of the best derby players in the world. The ENNIU Aly Knee Pad comes with a large flat fixed cap that slides well and distributes the force of impacts to minimize the force from heavy falls. These comfortable and highly protective knee pads are suited for all kinds of action sports, including inline skating, longboarding, roller derby, and park roller skating, inline skating, stunt scooter riding, street boarding, off-road skating. This knee pad meets EN 14120 European safety standard EN 14120.


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