Ennui Chris Farmer Pro Sípcsontvédő

19 900 Ft

5-7 nap

Ennui Shin Guard Chris Farmer Pro - stylish, durable, and comfortable shin guards designed to keep you safe while you shred.

Introducing the Park Shin Guard Chris Farmer Pro, where function meets fashion. As Chris Farmer's go-to ENNUI product, this signature model incorporates his unique flair, making it not only durable and comfortable but also stylish. With a wrap-around pattern, you'll turn heads at the skatepark while protecting your shins from potential injuries. ENNUI has you covered with its reliable Park Shin Guard, a must-have for inline skaters, bikers, skateboarders, and action sports enthusiasts alike. Engineered with both protection and comfort in mind, the ENNUI Park Shin Guard ensures you can shred with confidence. The ENNUI Park Shin Guard features a soft terrycloth liner that offers exceptional comfort, making it a pleasure to wear even during long sessions. The upper portion is crafted from abrasion-resistant aramid fiber, providing robust protection against scrapes and cuts. Two back straps keep the shin guard securely in place, ensuring it won't slip during intense activity. The K-Resin hard shell, combined with 3D molded high-impact EVA padding, delivers superior shock and impact resistance, safeguarding your shins from even the hardest hits. This innovative design ensures that you stay safe while maintaining the flexibility and freedom of movement essential for performing tricks and stunts.

S/M  32-37cm
L/XL 38-44cm


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