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Everything started back in 1994, when the inline boom was just about to take off. The whole "new inline skate wave" crossed the Atlantic Ocean and resulted in the foundation of POWERSLIDE by the driving salesman Roll-Knoll alongside his business partner Stefan Goehl creating the setting for an impressive company history. Initially POWERSLIDE's assortment of products was composed for the most part by those already established in the booming inline paradise of the USA, however, it didn't stop there, soon they completed their collection with some infamous in-house brands, before finally going on to create their very own product line. By 1997 the dream of creating their own brands had become a reality. Now they had to take control of the situation, learning from setbacks and always evolving and improving.

We thank you, our loyal customer, for making all this possible. It is thanks to you and your support that we have been able to consistently overcome all the fluctuations in the market successfully many many years on you can still find us with a passion to continue to evolve and innovate, bringing the newest and freshest ideas to the market.

Some examples of what makes us so special:

Vi skates, the inline skate completely reinvented! Clap snap wrap is how you do it!
More support, more comfort, more performance! Welcome to the future of inline skating.
Doop skates, skating meets lifestyle. Make it a Doop day!
The first carbon aggressive skate continues to develop: USD Carbon is the best aggressive boot outthere
All own mould fitness PHUZION fitness skates, developed from scratch to the perfect skate
The POWERSLIDE nordic department, with many innovative cross country summer products

Our strength and enthusiasm will accompany us for many many years to come, continuing to realize all our dreams and pushing to reach all our goals. We still find ourselves brimming with ideas and passion, the fire inside burning stronger than ever.

We invite you to accompany us on our journey into the future.