Undercover Team 55mm/92A

17 500 Ft
/szett (4db)
14 900 Ft
/szett (4db)
szett (4db)

1-2 nap

Átmérő: 55mm
Keménység: 92A
Profil: Flat

Undercover Team 55 / 92 White, 4-pack - Long-lasting aggressive wheels for a range of wheel setups and configurations. 55mm idameter, 92A hardness.
Undercover Team 55 / 92 White 4-Pack Nearly Indestructible Aggressive Skating Wheels Undercover’s Full Selection of Wheels to Match Your Skating Style Undercover (UC) is the leading urban, freestyle, and aggressive aftermarket wheel brand. With years of experience and research under our belts, UC offers a wide range of purpose-made wheels, making it easy for you to find the perfect setup. Versatile Wheels for Multiple Setup Options No matter your aggressive skating style, the Undercover Team 55 / 92 White 4-Pack is a great wheel option. At 55mm, the wheels are fairly low to the ground which helps improve stability which is essential for landing gaps, big airs, and even for stable landings when you’re coming off handrails and big ledges. The wheels can be used as part of a flat configuration or depending on your frame and rocker options, the wheels can be used in a range of wheel setups. With a hardness of 92A the Undercover Team 55 / 92 White is long-lasting and helps prevent wheel bite.


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