Powerslide Reign Hockey Ares Junior Állítható

22 900 Ft /pár

7-10 nap

The POWERSLIDE Reign Ares Jr. ice hockey skate is the perfect way to introduce your kids to the fastest game on ice. Kids grow fast, and the Reign Ares Jr. can grow right along with them. This versatile ice hockey skate is easily adjustable to four different sizes, so you can be confident that your child will have a capable, well-fitting ice hockey skate for the seasons to come. The boot of the POWERSLIDE Reign Ares Jr. ice hockey skate is made of a combination of vinyl and ballistic nylon keeps the foot warm, dry, and protected. Of course, comfort is important and the Reign Ares Jr. doesn’t disappoint. The skate includes comfortable padding in the toe cap area, cushioning the foot from the bumps and impacts that come with the fast, fun game of ice hockey. Anatomically shaped padding combined with waxed laces further improve comfort and provide a great heel lock, keeping your little skater’s foot perfectly in place. The POWERSLIDE Reign Ares Jr. ice hockey skate glides on a 303 stainless steel blade, making it fast and easy to handle. Fun, fast, durable, and adjustable - your kids will love the Reign Ares Jr. from POWERSLIDE.


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