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USD Carbon Free Team Boot

Gyártó:  USD
79 900 Ft /pár
89 900 Ft
/pár = -

7-10 nap

Boot: USD Carbon Free Team, Hybrid

Szár: USD Carbon, cserélhető
Szárcsavar: USD, cserélhető
Csat: USD, cserélhető
Soulfarme: USD Carbon, cserélhető
Bélés: USD, beépített

The Carbon-Free has the same construction like the USD carbon with with a composite shell. The padding, shell and upper are made to one piece what makes the skate look compact. The external cuff gives lateral support and enhanced forward flex. It has been designed with a combination of Carbon, Fibreglass and Nylon which allows to create the closest feel to USD Carbon skates while enabling to lower the price for loyal USD customers. A size 41 skate weights only 150g more than the Carbon.The replaceable soulframes ensure a smooth and fast grinding experience.
– Shoe-like fit
– Boot weight 1035g including soulplate in size 41
– 35% less volume than that of a standard hard boot
– 25% less weight than a standard hard boot
– Total control with direct power transfer
– Low cut cuff with more lateral support and enhanced forward flex
– Rear V-cut
– Neoprene and Microfiber interior lining for optimum control, last and comfort
– Compatible with the Carbon soulplates, thin, light, high performance design.
– Also fits the new USD VII plate
– One piece tongue incl flex cuts
– Customizable cuff, buckle, hinge, laces and soulplates.
– Front and rear flex cut


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