Gawds Michael Prado Boot

99 900 Ft /pár
84 900 Ft /pár

7-10 nap

Boot: Gawds, üvegszál erősítéses műanyag
Szár: Gawds, cserélhető
Szárcsavar: Gawds, cserélhető
Csat: Gawds, V-cut, cserélhető
Soulfarme: Gawds, UHMW, cserélhető
Bélés: Gawds, beépített

- 45 powerstrap and top buckle
- Cuff: special nylon material
- Shell: Composite material with Nylon snd glass-fiber combination
- Inside lining: microfiber and SBR
- Padding: triple density foam
- Soulplate: machined UHMW material, super long lasting and durable
- Flip-able and interchangeable, two groove options

Gawds Michel Prado New Michel Prado skate features a reworked Gawds skate. The new soul plate is now injected, light weight, strong and fast. Thanks to the nylon composite material which has been used it is durable and fast to slide on any surface. The cuff has also changed to a new simple but yet supportive and strong, which offers great flex to the front but lots of lateral stability. The Padding is made out of a triple density Padding and provides great comfort right out of the box. The shell is an injected nylon composite shell, strong, durable and impact resistant. The upper is made of microfiber, nano-leather and real leather on the toe, for superior abrasion resistance.


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