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Trigger Rainbow Julien Cudot

Trigger Rainbow Julien Cudot

Ár: 99900 Ft  64900 Ft / pár

Most ajándék Trigger póló minden pár korihoz!


Szállítási idő: 7-10 nap


Bélés: Trigger
Sín: Trigger
Kerék: Trigger 57mm/90A
Csapágy: Abec 7


After years of developing their first mold, the Triger Skate brand is ready to hit the stores worldwide! French powerhouse Julien Cudot joined the company, and will be awarded with his first pro model! Besides the obvious emphasis on performance, the main goal was to offer the best comfort: the soft boot is composed of two leathers hand-stitched to the liner, and the liner is padded with two different forms of densified foam.


The Trigger skate gives you the ultimate performance for all terrain, from beginner to professional. Offering the max in response and maniability thanks to a hybrid composite conception. A slim and precise skate, made with a comfortable liner sewn to a softboot in leather, and a V-cut option cuff. The lace, strap and buckle fixe your foot perfectly, and give you the best riding sensation in association with a solid soulframe and a pre-grooved backslide plate. Inside, a plastic and foam sole, and a shock absorber for a smooth riding; all supported by a fast and light frame, fitted with high quality wheels in 57mm/90A, and Abec 7 bearings for your best feeling.