USD Sway 4×72 Blue

49 900 Ft /pár
39 900 Ft /pár

7-10 nap

Boot: USD Sway, műanyag, cserélhető
Szár: USD Sway, cserélhető
Szárcsavar: USD, cserélhető
Csat: USD, cserélhető
Soulplate: USD Sway, cserélhető
Bélés: USD, cserélhető
Sín: Kizer Level 3, cserélhető
Kerék: Undercover 72mm/88A, cserélhető
Csapágy: ABEC5, cserélhető

USD has always been a brand that respects and supports all ages, target groups and levels of skating. From the Transformer to the Carbon skates such as the Franky Pro and Montre Carbon Free, USD always aims to help the skater on his journey. The Sway is the latest edition to the USD family, targeted at beginners and entry level skaters, it is a great skate with a slim fit and a perfect balance between flex and support. The soulplate is designed perfectly to be grinded right out off the box with a perfectly shaped groove that allows for an easy lock for all tricks. The Sway arrives with two setup options, Fluid frame for the more aggressive, and a Powerblading setup to encourage skaters to take the plunge into a world of grinding.
Targeted originally at beginners and entry level skaters, the Sway proved to be a much better skate than people thought at first sight. With the slim fit of the shell, the high cuff providing a perfect balance between flex and support and the perfectly designed soulplate, the Sway has become the skate of choice amongst both beginners and pro riders, including Nick Lomax, Roman Abrate and Montre Livingston who is receiving the first ever Sway pro boot this year with MYFIT liners and a leather softtop.


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