Wicked Twincam ILQ 7

11 900 Ft /szett (16db)
szett (16db)

7-10 nap

The ILQ 7 is an entry into the world of Twincam. Twincam is a famous name in the bearing world, and WCD has teamed up with them to satisfy several applications. Double metal shield mean this bearing is tough, and won’t clog up with road grime as you shred the street, just like our main Ricardo Lino.
Wicked Twincam ILQ7 bearings are made using high quality ingredients. They are ready to suit your every rolling need.
Bearings: 7 Ball, Chrome steel; 8-pack;
Shields: Bearing cage of rubber 2RZ
Cage: Steel bearing cage
Oil: Lubricated with Kyodo grease made in Japan
Special feature: 608 bearings


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